In 2011 - I was 14 years old - I said to Olof, my father: "PA, I stop school, I don't feel like it anymore. "He was shocked and said," Well, if you want that, just come along with me and the herbs, with earthfather. "I didn't know how or what i had to do, but I thought," Let me on! "Somewhere I knew that the work of Dad was my only task here on earth, but I first completed that stewardessen training. Then I went for go on adventure. It started with mixing and filling 300 bottles of cold comfort, for what dad would say "a pocket to buy one of those pants." I cant remember he raising me , he often told me with the wisdom that i have, i was able to raise  myself.

Because of that, I've always had a connection with my soul, "I have always followed my innerinstinct.

This had always made me curious and looking for new ideas.


Dad and I soon found out that I had his assets to make contact and work with other souls. I probably inherited this ability. But it is certainly because I learned to follow my own soul without having a limit to it .


To continue the Practice and the work of Pa was a whole challenge when he died much too early. But as grandma would say, "Life is a big party."


A week before dad his death, (14 June 2019) the real thing started. During a dream I got the message that my soul has to prepare, "the real work will start soon.

At that moment it became clear to me that I had to make myself ready for that what Olof had prepared me all those years.

I thought I knew what awaited me. Yet Iam learning more by day.

Every step of myself and from my clients I take as a lesson and a challenge, and I work with that.
I have not chosen this work, I listen to the steps, letting them come to me and i follow the path with love and surrender.

With this, i welcome you all on my page


A warm greeting from Zulema M. Smit

In Surinamese: "Wang Swiet Ododi Fu Misie Zulema".