In tribal language it is called a curse. In the spiritual world, it is called a spiritual blockage. A spiritual blockage is similar to an emotional, physical or mental blockage only the source can be from this life, from a previous life or it can be handed down through the generations. In the West, another term for this inherited curse would be “banned for all time” or “damned”. As a phenomenon, the spiritually inherited blockage emerged around the 18 th century.

At that time, there was a change in the way people viewed marriage. Until the 18 th century, families decided who their children would marry from within their communities. Should the daughter of the house meet the love of her life, the man had to be vetted first by the family and questioned about his religious beliefs. If these were not the same as the beliefs of the family, the daughter was told that they could only marry within the Church if her future husband agreed to be converted. The young man would also be told by his family that the girl must convert to their religion, but if she did so, he would be banned from her home. It was an insoluble dilemma.

Close-knit community life was put under great pressure and social controls were tight. Families were afraid to associate with their sons or daughters who were in relationships “forbidden by God”. Society saw these children as Godless and their families were therefore pariahs. In order to keep their position within the community, therefore, these families had no choice but to turn their children out and to “ban them forever from the family” because their union had not been blessed by the Church.

The assumption was that the outcast sons and daughters would respond to this threat and renounce the love of their life. But the times were changing, and about 200 years ago these daughters and sons began moving away from family and community to the anonymity of the big city. The cities were not made up of close communities so the young couples could live freely together. This phenomenon gave rise to the civil marriage ceremony.

What these runaways did not know is that they now carried a spiritual blockage that would be passed on to all future generations born of their “forbidden union”. Banned for life meant unprotected for eternity.

As our ancestors were forced into the cities without the blessings of the family - forever banned, forever unprotected - their protectors or guardians could no longer protect them. However, the protector belongs with the individual and has to go with him, so the only way it could do so was to reverse its role.



At birth, every individual receives a “guardian” which is a God-given energy field that protects him from trouble. It is sometimes called a “guardian angel”. Using certain rituals, this energy field can be turned into a bad influence, becoming a “manipulated guardian” or spiritual blockage. Its function changes from something positive into something negative, so instead of giving protection it only creates trouble.

When the guardian’s role is reversed, not only is the person in question no longer protected (therefore completely vulnerable) he even gets attacked by his own guardian. Whenever the person is happy within himself, or with others, with work or life generally, the blockage will be there to remind him that he is the forbidden fruit of a once forbidden relationship. Every individual has a vulnerability - an Achilles heel - which the turned guardian will attack in order to bring down that individual.

In the West, we have lost the spiritually transmitted knowledge about turning back a curse into a spiritual protector in order to restore peace in families. It is now vital to re-introduce the integrity of this spiritual knowledge.

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