Born into the world with a spiritual blockage, the forbidden fruit of a forbidden relationship, one has no right to existence. Such a person may “survive” rather than “live” and may even experience happiness as long as he is making other people happy, but if he seeks personal happiness he will be blocked time and time again.

Within the family, every second generation will have its “old soul” that will carry the responsibility of the family on its shoulders. These are the souls with more life experience than other members of the family, life experience that is measured in the number of lives and not in the number of years. These souls are “people-helpers”, mostly healers, teachers or artists. Whether or not they actually become healers, teachers or artists, they are inspired souls with a multitude of talents and the need to use these talents to help other people.

Should one of these responsible old souls be born into a family with an inherited blockage, the soul will take charge in order to deal with it. The soul will take on all the blockages of the other family members as part of its personal growth process.

At the age of seven or eight this soul will invite into the bedroom at night generations of “lost” family members that are deceased, but are not able to re-incarnate.

This soul will carry during the day the burdens of the living and at night the deep sadness of the dead, and will slowly develop physical, emotional and mental problems that will force it to search out a source of healing.



A spiritual blockage cannot cause illness but knows how to find the weakest point, the Achilles heel, and there it will release all its negative energy. Carrying the weight of collected curses on its shoulders all day and the sadness of the dead all night will result in a gradual loss of energy that will eventually collapse the individual’s immune system.

At some point in time this responsible family member will become plagued by a variety of physical, emotional, and mental complaints, such as:

  • 50% loss of energy
  • Being able to work hard but not able to relax
  • Bad sleep quality, agitated nights and waking up tired in the morning
  • Struggle between reason and emotion, between living and surviving. “I want this, but I have to do that”
  • Friction within self, relationships and work
  • Not able to choose in which direction to grow and develop
  • Coming home totally exhausted after being in a large crowd, completely vulnerable and unprotected
  • Being happy yet unable to hold on to that happiness
  • Difficulty getting in touch with their feelings
  • General tiredness that leads to helplessness, depression and depersonalization

Furthermore, the inability to identify these blockages can lead to a feeling of “I am good for nothing”. In the West we recognize only three types of blockages : emotional, physical and mental. The spiritual blockage is not recognised, and after knocking at the door of many healers and receiving no help, we can lose faith and give up.

Fortunately, old souls possess a huge amount of resilience and stubbornness, also great integrity, a strong sense of responsibility, curiosity and above all, an over-dose of wisdom gathered from many previous lives.

All these qualities help them on the long path to breaking the curse-chain.

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