A curse does not disappear. A curse can only be turned again into the protector or guardian. In the case of a generational curse, it can be turned through the carrier of the curse for the benefit of all generations within the family. For the living and the dead, good order will be restored, and so also for future generations.

The individual cannot turn a curse back into a protector. It must be done for him. We are responsible for our physical, mental and emotional lives, and this knowledge is within us.

Responsibility for spiritual matters however belongs not to us but to the Spirit or GOD. The turning of a curse into a protector (from destructive to constructive) is beyond our ability or understanding. So a go-between is needed to explain to the carrier of a curse what he is carrying and to awaken that person spiritually. A go-between is trained for 14 years. The first seven years is to unlearn what has been learned, the second seven years to learn how the spiritual works through the soul.



Because people with curses have been no more than “surviving” for a long time, they are under enormous stress at the physical, emotional and mental levels. This stress will increase for a couple of weeks after the turning around of the curse. A person who is once again “protected” will begin letting go of repressed emotions, and then physical and mental exhaustion will follow in order to be released from the system. After this process, the person can then start his own healing.

After three weeks, the person will be able to sleep better and have more inner peace. In the month that follows, the energy system will improve since time heals all wounds. To restore full energy levels may take 6 to 9 months, but accompanying the gradual increase in energy, the immune system will strengthen itself so that the body will be increasingly able to fight off viral and bacterial attacks.

This treatment can be carried out from a distance. The soul (the emotional-intelligence) wants the person to be happy and healthy and will “travel” to the healer for treatment. The healer needs to be able to speak the language of the soul in order to get enough information to feed back to the person being healed. The healer will send this information via e-mail so that it can be confirmed by the client. Souls that are related to the client such as the souls of family members, partners and children will also travel in order to provide information.

  • When this information has been confirmed by the client, the treatment can begin.After the treatment follow-up questions can be dealt with by e-mail.
  • As well as giving information about spiritual blockages the soul can speak about other things like:
  • In which direction their talents should be developed
  • Other blockages on emotional, physical or mental levels
  • The relationship between souls in this life and previous lives, and so on.

If there are other types of blockages besides the spiritual, the soul will give information about how they were triggered, and what their effects have been, what kind of healing can be used to treat them and whether this healing should be via traditional or alternative medicine

Specialized in Generational Bondage and Deliverance Generational Curses.